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Councious Integral Design
Space Design based on Mandalas 


This seminar consists of eight meetings in which I propose to experience the circle, its potential and their qualities.


From the creation of a personal mandala that becomes spaces and New proposals for inhabit, to share and communicate.


Oriented  to anyone who is interested in deepening space, awareness and design.


Space design based on Sacred Geometry

In eight meetings  we design space from the fabric of a Star Mother.


This star not only represents each chakra in our body but also the ways in which nature manifest.

Oriented  to anyone who is interested in deepening space, awareness and design.

Inhabiting Practices


​​The architecture is conceivable only as far as the body reacts to it. Its a multisensory experience.


Experiencing a space involves a dialogue, the body and the space are in constant negotiation.



Oriented  to anyone who is interested in deepening space, awareness and design.

Design Base Ayurveda and Psychology of the Elements 

Eight meetings in which we work the elements, their virtues and qualities.

opening sensitivity to create with

this consciousness Using Ayurveda and doshas, senses and letting them create through us.


Natural Building Workshops Co Created with Friends

Natural Building for Kids!

Reconnecting with Mother Earth, sharing the wisdom that nature gives us.


We build  a Tipit Mud with reeds and pieces of woven wire.

Oven Mud Building Workshop 
With Griselda Ricciardelli, Emiliano Eustaquio Katia Hecker and The Vidaleros.

Vidalero Space, March 2010. Buenos Aires Argentina.


 Minga day for experimentation, learning and fun!


The oven was made of adobe bricks and refractory brick interior.

Introduction to Natural Building with Natacha Hugon and Mark Yonamine.

 Febrero 2010 Espacio Vidalero Buenos Aires Argentina.


This workshop was a sensible approach to different construction techniques including mixtures, adobe bricks and other techniques.


We conclude with a theoretical presentation about history of building with the specialist in mud Natacha Hugon.





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